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The Other Side of Surfing

What comes after mid-century? Mediterranean Modern! The style of bright white rooms with colorful details which is not exclusive to the mediterranean countries anymore but can be found throughout the world. There is no book on the market yet whereas the style will most likely get more and more mainstream as mid-century did. Mediterranean Modern (working title) is the definitive book introducing the new current of minimalist living. Embracing the natural and taking cues from the landscape, Mediterranean homes have always been a haven of light, craftsmanship and simplicity.

The appreciation for vernacular design and organic elements, and the overall feel-good sensation they provide have propelled this style around the world, resulting in a contemporary philosophy that goes beyond geographical restrictions and is present everywhere from California to Portugal, Australia to Mexico. The book enters the most inspiring homes, deciphering the keys to understand this down-to-earth aesthetic. Let the sunshine in! These interiors shows how natural materials like wood and stone go together creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, colorful garments, handwoven wall hangers and carpets, accessories, new and vintage furniture.

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